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Benjamin Martin of Henrico County Division of Fire, Virginia talks about followership being more important than leadership. Leaders must have the ability to demonstrate being a good follower in order to be a good leader. Leaders must strive to explain the why and the why not in a decentralized format to offer the big picture in interacting with each other on the fire ground and in the firehouse. Captain Martin dives into psychological safety in creating high-performing teams and organizations and leaders are responsible for creating that environment by modeling behavior.

Dive into an insightful conversation with host Arjuna George, a retired Fire Chief, and special guest Dr. Benjamin Martin, a notable figure in the Fire Service. Explore the holistic perspectives on leadership, decision-making, and change management, focusing uniquely on emotions in daily interactions. Martin shares his conception of Leadership 3.0, strategies to manage stress and burnout, and the importance of workplace relationships, and emphasizes emotional intelligence for outstanding leadership. The podcast also covers personal experiences and the balance between work and family life while highlighting the impact and legacy of good leadership. This episode promises to inspire and enhance your leadership journey in the Fire Service and daily life.

In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington welcomes Benjamin Martin to the podcast to share his take on Intoxicated Leadership. Benjamin has a GREAT perspective on controlling emotions, conflict resolution, and followership. Topics Covered: Controlling emotions Managing Conflict How the body reacts to Emotions Takeaways to help you inside the Firehouse Know thy people, know thyself People are the most unpredictable part of the firehouse

Joined by Benjamin Martin to go deep diving into the psychology of leadership. Group culture, motivation, and whatever rabbit holes we can find to dive into. As always, the show was driven by the awesome questions from the audience.

Benjamin Martin of Embrace the Resistance sits down, and dives deep, to talk about all things fire service leadership. Then he and Corley go down rabbit holes while fielding viewer questions. Benjamin talks about books he loves... and of course answers the five questions for Firefighters.

Firefighter Success--Episodes 40 & 41: Ben is the founder of the popular website and leadership movement which features leadership training for existing and aspiring leaders. In addition to his leadership blogs, he is a contributing author to several leadership books and has published articles in Fire Engineering, FireRescue, Fire Department Training Network (FDTN), International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI), FirefighterToolbox, and FirefighterWife.

Howdy from Due Work!  Take a break from being terrified constantly from a virus (and somehow not of fire, building collapse, or getting caught NOT having a probar with you) and check out our conversation with Benjamin Martin!  Ben schools us schmucks on communications, leadership, and building positive connections within the FD.  A solid relationship with your men starts with understanding how relationships are built to begin with.  Moving forward from there may take extra planning and strategy from you officers, but having a well-oiled machine is well worth it!  Thanks, as always, for listening.

This is going to be a fun episode this week. Benjamin is a kind of rising star with a unique look at leadership, emotional intelligence, and organizational culture.  You've had articles across fire engineering, fire rescue,  fire department training network, and a bunch of others, and you also run So, Benjamin, thanks for joining me today, and give me some background on why embrace the resistance and what are you resisting?

I'm so excited to be joined by my friend Benjamin Martin for a conversation that I have been looking forward to having for a while. Today Benjamin digs into expectations and definitely makes some really great points. Setting expectations has always been a cornerstone of what I thought was required of all leaders but that for me has changed. Do yourself a favor and take the time to listen to this conversation, I promise that you will at the very least leave with several takeaways and quite possibly with a completely different perspective on the role that expectations play for us as leaders and why there are more important areas to focus on to accomplish the same thing (here's a hint - it's culture).

Today I’m joined by Benjamin Marion. Benjamin has been someone that I love listening to because it seems like so much of what he says speaks to me. We talk about his Embrace the Resistance platform, Intoxicated Leadership class, followership, and learning to deal with human nature. I’m so happy to have gotten the chance to sit down and talk with Benjamin and excited to share that conversation with you all.

Joining me today on episode 6 of the Underground Leadership Movement is Sean Duffy and Benjamin Martin. We dig into the importance of leaders stepping up to be teachers and the benefits that come from doing so. Whether you’re a new and aspire to be an informal leader to those seasoned formal leaders of rank we all need to be teaching and sharing our experience and knowledge work as many people as we can. Lead by example, share what you have learned, and do good things.

When you did your early training, did you make a lot of mistakes? If so, you likely learned more from the screw-ups than anything else. It was a valuable experience. And hard to replace effectively. But my guest today says a lot of today’s younger firefighters are short-cutting that training— and missing the point—by using the internet. Benjamin Martin is a Captain with a large metro fire department in Virginia.

Behind the Shield-Episode 473: Benjamin Martin is a veteran firefighter and the man behind "Embrace the Resistance". We discuss his journey into the fire service, shift work, sleep deprivation, leadership mistakes, the importance of humility, tactical fitness and much more.

Unlocking Leadership Lessons: Kindling Change with Dr. Benjamin Martin

Unlocking Leadership Lessons: Kindling Change with Dr. Benjamin Martin

Dive into the transformative world of leadership in the fire service with Dr. Benjamin Martin in this riveting episode of Beneath the Helmet. As we explore 'Igniting Potential Through Leadership,' Dr. Martin shares invaluable insights from over two decades in public safety and his deep dive into industrial psychology and leadership studies. This episode is a treasure trove for anyone eager to kindle change and master the art of leadership in high-stakes environments. 🔴Episode Highlights🔴 00:00 | Introduction: Unveiling the theme of leadership transformation 00:32 | Dr. Benjamin Martin: A visionary in fire service leadership 01:55 | Deep Dive: The Pivotal Role of Relationships and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership 22:25 | Training & Development: Elevating leadership skills through targeted training 43:28 | Emotional Intelligence: Unpacking the essence and impact of emotions in leadership In This Episode: Join us as Dr. Martin unravels the complexities of leadership, emphasizing the critical role of emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, and the nuanced challenges of leading change. This episode highlights the theoretical aspects of leadership and provides practical insights and strategies to enhance your leadership journey. Resources & Recommendations: 🔗 Embrace The Resistance: Dr. Martin's platform for leadership insights - 📖 'Burnt Around the Edges' by Arjuna George – Navigate the complexities of stress and burnout gracefully. About Dr. Benjamin Martin: Renowned for his captivating presentations on fire-service leadership, Dr. Martin combines his extensive experience with a scholarly approach to offer unique perspectives on leadership. His work, grounded in practice and theory, makes him a pivotal figure in shaping contemporary leadership paradigms in public safety. Connect & Support: Engage with us: Subscribe for more episodes on leadership and resilience: Join the BTH Facebook Community for exclusive insights: Follow us on Spotify & Apple Podcasts for instant updates: We invite you to immerse yourself in this enlightening conversation. Your likes, comments, and shares support our mission and amplify this crucial dialogue's impact on leadership and emotional intelligence in the fire service and beyond." Show Host Arjuna George (Fire Chief Ret) 📧 @silverarrowcoaching 🌐 🌐 🌐
Benjamin Martin - Embrace the Resistance
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