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We Are Obsessed With Developing Leaders

  • We believe that in order to inspire and motivate people to do their best, we must learn to leverage the pairing of our passions with our strengths. Therefore, we develop leaders who manage with their heads but lead with their hearts.

  • We don't do ego. Read that again.


  • We believe that every leader must have the capacity to act as a follower in their organization. But, we also believe that leaders must act when it is right to do so, even if doing so creates discomfort for themselves. The knowledge of when and how to balance the two represents the art of acting as a courageous follower.

  • Since 2011 we have worked with hundreds of leaders throughout the country to find a better version of their leadership.  This isn't a one size fits all style of leadership.  We challenge leaders to manage with their heads but lead with their hearts.  We believe people are the most valuable resources, and serving them is the only thing that matters.  We seek to humble the title of leader and, in doing so, unleash the power and opportunity of leadership!

  • At Rethinking Leadership, we pride ourselves in offering authentic leadership training that helps to bridge today's leadership gap in anticipation of tomorrow's organizational problems.  We cater to both private and public organizations, offering behavioral assessments, full and multi-day leadership workshops, leadership presentations, and entertaining keynotes.  We focus on improving emotional competencies and creating awareness of how leaders impact their teams.  We help you to find an improved version of your leadership capabilities--one of resilience, empathy, authenticity, and passion; capable of motivating and inspiring others to their full potential.  

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Over the last eight years, Dr. Benjamin Martin has become one of the country's most sought fire-service leadership speakers, often presenting to standing-room-only classrooms. He provides leadership training workshops and keynotes internationally and throughout the United States, blending over 20 years of public safety experience with his doctoral degree in industrial psychology, leadership, and adult learning. His programs provide an entertaining and unfiltered view of various leadership topics, such as interpersonal communication, command and control strategies, conflict management, organizational culture and climate, systems thinking, and emotional intelligence.


He founded the popular website and leadership movement in 2017, focusing on supporting aspiring and existing leaders with his honest take on the challenges of leading others and yourself. In addition to his leadership blogs, he has been featured on most major fire service podcasts and is also a contributing author to several leadership books. He has also published articles in Fire Engineering, FireRescue, Fire Department Training Network (FDTN), International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI), FirefighterToolbox, and FirefighterWife. He is an Executive Officer and Acting Battalion Chief with the Henrico County Division of Fire in Virginia. You can email him at

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