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Day 1, March 23rd

-Bobby Halton

Leadership (Editor-in-Chief Fire Engineering)

-John Burruss (Retired Charlottesville Fire Capt)

Advanced, Aggressive Aerial Apparatus Positioning

-Andy Soccodato (The Water Thieves)

Maximizing Water Supply for Fire Ground Operations

Day 2, March 24th

-Steve Robertson (Lt. Columbus Division of Fire)

The Engine Companies Guide to Winning: Stretching for Success

-OJ Kolodziej

The Truck Company Officer (Magic City Truck Academy)

Day 3, March 25th

-Nick Martin

First-Alarm Strategy & Tactics (Traditions Training)

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Meet our 2020 Lineup

We handpick the best of the best to deliver their expertise on the topics you care about most.  We have one goal in mind when selecting our lineup each year-- Win on the Fireground and in our Firehouses! Here are the class descriptions for what you can expect. 

"The Truck Company Officer"

In this high-intensity class we will reinforce or lay the groundwork for aggressive, but intelligent Truck Company operations that are effective and efficient.
This class is designed for anyone that is aspiring to be a driver, officer, or if you’re already one. This is for all those that love Truck work with or without a Truck!

"Getting Greedy With Your Water: Advanced Hydrant Operations"

Operating as the supply pumper is one of the most important positions on the fireground.

The success of any operation is dependent on the water supply pumper's ability to effectively and efficiently deliver water to the attack engine.

This class will teach the student street proven tactics to operate functionally as the supply pumper and maximize their fire flow from a hydrant. Topics discussed in this class will include: positioning considerations for the supply pumper, the "Fast Water" process, tactics for maximizing fire flow, and methods for determining the available water from a hydrant.

By the end of the class, students will realize that
their imagination is the only limiting factor during big water supply operations!

American Fire Command

American Command is a unique course taught by Chief Halton that covers the basics of command. Not command as a fireground function but command as a way of life for the American fire officer and senior firefighter. Officers learn the art of command from their seniors in their first days as firefighters and cadets. Learning how to counsel, advance skills and knowledge in the art and science of firefighting is the basis of command. In this interactive program chief Halton will cover an overview of the command phenomena, students will participate in analysis of today’s field issues look at a list of major trends in each topic, discuss potential research work and books on those specific topics and engage in reflection and discussion regarding command issues the American fire service.

"First Alarm Strategy and Tactics"

This program focuses on the decisions made by company officers in the “first SCBA cylinder” of firefighting at our most
common building types. Drawing on real world experience, you’ll learn fireground proven strategies and tactics for fires
in single-family dwellings, multiple-family dwellings, and commercial buildings. We will discuss the tactical options for
the most common fire scenarios in these structures and outline decision making models for rapidly selecting the most
appropriate engine and truck company operations at these fires. The information in this interactive program will help both
new and veteran firefighters and officers make better decisions, more rapidly, to stop the fire and save lives.  Click here for the full flyer.

"The Engine Company's Guide to Winning: Stretching for Success"

This program is designed for anyone from command staff to a line firefighter. The class will cover essential aspects of Engine Company Operations, such as size-up, job assignments, and managing the initial attack line. Additional topics to be discussed are overcoming difficult stretches, using the reach of your stream inside structures, and options for limited manpower situations. The class will cover drills which can be used to become proficient in engine company operations.

"Advanced, Aggressive Aerial Apparatus Positioning"

Modern aerial apparatus offer vastly improved capability and are truly marvels of engineering, yet few incident commanders and operators are aware of their awesome firefighting ability. This interactive and fast-paced presentation explores modern aerial ladder positioning and operating practices that employ safe industry accepted practices that will unlock your aerial’s potential.

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Imagine a conference where 7 of the brightest minds in the fire service converged for 3 days to talk leadership, engine and truck company operations, and tactics.

Envision what it looks like to have 300 people sitting in the crowd, soaking it all in, amped to take it back and put it to use in their teams and departments.

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Throw in a fundraiser for a burn camp, swag giveaways, a tactics on tap social, and enough brotherhood to even make a mutt smile.

Now picture yourself there, with early bird registration starting at just $99 for the whole freakin thing.

No Titles, No Ranks, No Ego, No Bullshit! A conference designed to help people of all roles become more effective on the fireground and in the firehouse. Save the date! Get on the email list for notice of registration opening in late September.

The Fire Ground Commander: Central Virginia Firefighter Conference, March 23-25th, 2020.



Past Events

2019's Lineup

Mike Gagliano

Nick Martin

Jeff Shupe

Christopher Naum

John Dixon

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2018's Lineup

Dennis Legear
Ric Jorge
David Rhodes
Andy Starnes
Jonah Smith

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Mike Gagliano 2019 FGC Opening Speaker

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